Who would win kratos or goku.

Kratos wins this without absurdist scaling or wank. Kratos' raw feats alone, (I.e lifting a 1.8 million ton bridge) I mean hulk alone has 3mil ton feats but ok. combined with the fact Tony was able to make Thanos bleed with significantly less blunt force than Kratos can deliver prove tony used less blunt force than what kratos is capable of

Who would win kratos or goku. Things To Know About Who would win kratos or goku.

If you’re a fan of anime and manga, chances are you’ve heard of Goku and Dragon Ball. Created by Akira Toriyama, this iconic character and his adventures have captured the hearts o...Who would win full power Kratos or Goku? Based on the information provided, it is difficult to determine who would win in a fight between full power Kratos and Goku. However, Goku has consistently shown the ability to defeat powerful opponents and has even surpassed gods in his universe. On the other hand, Kratos has …If Zeus can destroy the planet/universe why can't he kill kratos ( without the blade of olympus and so without his god powers). This would be really easy. Even story wise this doesn't make sense. Gameplay wise kratos is a subsonic character with some good lifting feats. End of the storyJun 17, 2023 ... Request by @davidjordan5394 Goku, the Super Saiyan, faces off against Kratos, the vengeful God of War. Witness the clash of two mighty ...Aug 9, 2022 ... goku #saitama #anime I had to address the topic! Thank you for watching! PATREON LINK- Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/YFV New to the ...

Well im not too sure on Kratos's feats accept from the 4th game where he was around planet level, but all im gonna say is, If Prime Kratos is Galaxy Level or higher he probably wins. As Goku in base at the beginning of BoG was somewhere around low galaxy level.Aug 28, 2021 ... Goku VS Omni-Man: Who Would Win? By far one of Image Comics' greatest works of art is easily Invincible, a superhero series full of amazing ...

Jesus, if he can think outside the box, is onto a winner. Goku fires the attack at Kratos, the attack Swallows Kratos, killing him instantly, a huge explosion happens, making a huge whole throughout the planet, Goku powers down from ultra instinct, The battle was decided and Goku was the winner!

Mui wins if goku who debatable at the end of the tournament of power arc surpassed blue vegito in his base form probably with a bit of training imagine what a goku who trained with Merus can do especially with mui which is a higher multiplier than potara and with the ability to just basically dodge everything and if you take what whis said literally where when …kars would copy the living crap out of goku. every technique, and he will also develop the ''ultimate MUI form'' and completely destroy goku. jorge joestar kars is on a completely different levels of power. Some people think this is a stalemate, but this truly is a one sided massacre, goku can't destroy kars ( even if he destroy every single ...I don't know Kratos's full power, but Madoka becomes a universal constant like gravity, except she is only allowed to interact with magical girls that will soon become witches, and the girls that she saves this way become her "secretaries" (angels) with all the power of both their witch forms and their magical girl forms.Doom Slayer as of Doom Eternal 2021 vs current Goku. Asking since DS defeated a universal plus being. ... This is the same wank Kratos scaling has because Zeus best a creator. Creator feats dont instantly translate to universal unless its a competition of who can make a universe, this is the same for making dimensions, it means nothing in ...

Nolan rips Kratos apart. Omniman is far faster than Kratos. Kratos has fought God's and reality wrapers. Kratos would use omni man or anyone in his universe as a flesh light. Kratos bodies Omni Man, then punches the entire verse so hard the shockwaves break every single invincible characters neck.

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never really played gow, this trend is getting kinda popular, and i'd like to know if kratos could actually beat any of these versions of goku before another idiot asks if the same goku who can literally oneshot planetbusters can beat kratos . kratos gets all of his arsenal, goku can use nimbus and magic stick (don't remember the name), however, he can't …1.- one of those gods is not even that strong (Atreus, also, did not even use his Spartan Rage (Bjorn)) 2.-. Kratos held back until the end. 3.-. Odin had to use his library to stay in battle, and even with that he was massacred. With this it is safe to say that Kratos with his Spartan Rage and all his equipment, is the TOP god of the Nordic ...Fortnite is one of the more popular online games in the world. It has millions of players from all over the world, and it’s no surprise that many of them are looking to win at the ...Nov 8, 2022 ... God of War Ragnarok novo lançamento está aí, e com isso fica a dúvida, KRATOS venceria GOKU?Superhero Battle #1022178: Goku (Capsule Corp) versus Kratos (Greek Mythology) (GoW). Who will win in a fight between Goku (Capsule Corp) and Kratos (Greek Mythology) (GoW)?Expand user menu Open settings menu. Log In / Sign Up; Advertise on Reddit

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular game shows on television, and it’s easy to see why. The game is simple, the prizes are big, and the competition is fierce. But if you wa...Kratos also has murdered a Pantheon and decimated a nation, is knowledgeable in tactics, and has 2 deadly weapons he has mastered and isn't afraid to kill. Although Goku would put up a good fight, and I do see in some cases him winning, I ultimately think Kratos is all around better built for a death match with his skills, tactics, and rage.Cows are bigger than Jaguars but I wouldn't expect one to win. Size doesn't really matter. and has some big f***ing guns. Kratos has some big fucking weapons of his own. And you haven't explained why Doomguy's guns would be effective against Kratos. Kratos survives some very powerful hits over the course of the God of War franchise.The only way MUI doesn't win is if Beerus was using like 1/10,000th of his power or even less against Battle of the Gods Goku. Which wouldn't make a lick of sense. That'd be like Raditz getting hyped over a battle against the power level 5 farmer, lmao. People simply don't think logically in DBS fandom, for whatever reason.5. Sort by: Traditional_World783. • 1 yr. ago. Kratos probably. He’s got better stats and has fought beings with crazy powers, meaning he’s no stranger to hax. Vader is strong especially with all the buffs he’s been getting, but kratos would probably tank a few lightsaber slashes. 13. CloverTeamLeader.Kratos was pretty much an arrogant jerk trying to forget his history of terrible conquest and insanity-induced murder. Asura was trying to save and defend his daughter. Kratos starts out able to grab innocent civilians and rip them in half for delicious health packs; Asura managed to avoid innocents, even in his most rage-driven crazy form.

Kratos is shown to overpower Thor in terms of strength, though. Once when he pushed Mjolnir out of the god of thunder's hand and later when he completely blocked his full force blow from above. He was holding back, even during the second fight, as Kratos wasn't trying to kill Thor, but rather calm him down and make him see reason (which he ...

Goku would win, he has a way more OP abilities. ... Kratos wouldn't be able to damage Goku, so he eventually runs out of stamina and gets sealed or hakai'd. Goku can't breath in space, but despite Kratos' attack potency (able to fight with universal-to-low multi characters), he lacks the destructive capacity to destroy anything that big. ...If we nerf Wukong like almost every god in God of War is nerfed, then maybe Kratos has some chances, otherwise Kratos has no way winning. Probably Wukong, if for no other reason than he's too immortal. He's way more immortal than say, Greek or Norse gods who have a capacity to die, even if the conditions are rare.1 Zeno - Dragon Ball. Another character from Dragon Ball that could defeat Kratos is the Omni-King, Zeno. He possesses great powers that make him one of, if not the most powerful being in the ...Goku fires the attack at Kratos , the attack Swallows Kratos , killing him instantly , a huge explosion happens , making a huge whole throughout the planet , Goku powers down from ultra instinct, The battle was decided and Goku was the winner!. Who would win Kratos or goku? Ultimately, in a battle between the two, deciding the winner would ...Comics Thanos vs Bloodlusted Goku could win via the Soul Stone or Mind Stone, as the hax bypass durability, and Goku could have his soul trapped, or be mindhaxed into oblivion via these stones. A full gauntlet is far overkill, but pretty much any stone but Power would be enough on its own. ... Kratos (God of War 3) Vs goku (db super chap 76 ...If you can't think of the weakest, name one you know can defeat Kratos at least 8/10. If it matters, assume the version of Lucifer is at his most powerful. I think the Lucifer from supernatural has a chance. He can snap his fingers and angels explode. His problem is he would not take the fight seriously and that's a mistake when fighting Kratos.Goku is planetary, Kratos isn't. Goku just one-shots him. End of discussion. Actually Gokus universal and even Sayian Saga Vegeta was capable of destroying a planet. That's an outlier. If you wanna say Goku is universal then you can just wank Kratos to universal. Edit: As per usual, downvoting as opposed to refutation.Two nerds enter, one nerd leaves. The "Who Would Win" Show is a podcast debating the finer points of life, love, and who would beat the crap out of each other if they were in a fight. Get ready to put on your thinking caps and use your imagination as hosts James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas avoid actually fighting with each other, while debating ...Kratos is a god, Kirby is not. Therefore, Kirby kills Kratos, but Kratos does not kill Kirby. My logic is flawless. DRAGONITE used BARRIER! #5. (message deleted) SephirothFudge 1 year ago #6. Kirby only kills gods that have the agility of a Roomba.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

Remember, we've never seen Jesus fully power up in the story, so who's to say his reaction speed doesn't adjust to take on and beat Goku? Never mind if Goku gets hit with Jesus's "transfigure water" feat and is shit-ass drunk. Jesus solos Kratos and Goku. Edit. Forgot the capital 'G' when spelling "God".

We win. Kirby. Idk Slayers new lore kinda makes me think they’re very evenly matched. Slayers fought hordes of hell through multiple dimensions, has killed gods and all. While also being unkillable himself once granted his godlike powers. They wouldn’t fight though.

En este caso hablamos del usuario Aggravating-Cookie11, quien ha publicado en Reddit una ilustración de Kratos llamando a Zeus como si estuviera en el mundo de Dragon Ball.Al fin y al cabo, la ...Kratos (latest gow) vs DoomSlayer (doom eternal) Battle. First round: Both barehanded and no armor. Round two: Both barehanded but fully armored. Round three: Both full load-out but with limited magic and ammo. Round four: Both fully loaded no limitations to ammo or magic. All rounds start in an open arena starting from 10m apart.Goku's SPS would be extremely high due to his super Saiyan transformations and god-like powers. While Sonic's SPS is also high, it is more focused on his speed and agility rather than brute strength. Power Level. Goku's power level is among the highest in the Dragon Ball universe, constantly increasing with each battle.Kratos has time manipulation and can slow down time while he turns Saitama to stone, or he could simply stab him with the blade of Olympus which was made to kill Titans who could hold the sky on ...Therefore, Whis is one of the characters in the Dragon Ball series that can defeat Goku. Whis. 21. Tomura Shigaraki. He is the antagonist of My Hero Academia and also the leader of League of Villains. Tomura has the quirk or ability called Decay. He can disintegrate anyone or anything if he touches them.As part of a new offering called Princess Prizes, guests who purchase the line's new all-inclusive package could win free cruises, cash and other rewards simply by opening their ca...Goku loves to train, so he wouldn't say no to that. Goku was very obedient to Grampa Gohan, and was even loyal to him when he died. He would take up fighting very well, meaning Kratos and he would be a fucking unit. The only nagatives though would be that Kratos would have to worry that Goku be too happy fighting.While Goku's SSJ3 form can shake the planet by powering up, the Hulks World Breaker Form can destroy a continent from his Aura alone. I go Hulk for the win. 8/10 In a long fight or short, the Hulk can't lose. As powerful as Goku's Ki is, it won't match up with the Hulks immense energy levels, let alone his raw physical strength.Therefore, Whis is one of the characters in the Dragon Ball series that can defeat Goku. Whis. 21. Tomura Shigaraki. He is the antagonist of My Hero Academia and also the leader of League of Villains. Tomura has the quirk or ability called Decay. He can disintegrate anyone or anything if he touches them.Goku's SPS would be extremely high due to his super Saiyan transformations and god-like powers. While Sonic's SPS is also high, it is more focused on his speed and agility rather than brute strength. Power Level. Goku's power level is among the highest in the Dragon Ball universe, constantly increasing with each battle.Who would win Kratos or goku? Ultimately, in a battle between the two, deciding the winner would likely come down to whose universe the fight takes place. If Goku came to Kratos’ World, it’s almost certain that Kratos would inevitably find a way to take Goku’s head as he does any other God. if luffy gear 5 vs saitamaExperience. Kratos is a spartan. Fight from birth. Fight till death. Kick death in the teeth. Stomp heavens flower garden. Sora is a teenager who has spent the better part of his adolesence taking the advice of a mostly dead duck with a speech impediment. Its like daniel radcliffe fighting mike tyson. No contest.

Ninja-Yatsu. • 1 yr. ago. He still beats Zeus, who beat Cronos, who created an infinite sized universe. He also is able to keep up with characters that can physically travel across realms or be comparable to characters that can dodge light which fills an infinite space, giving him infinite speed. -4.Steal BLACK FRIDAY deal for $1.70/month + 6 months extra! https://atlasv.pn/ChuckGorr VS Kratos - Who Would Win? When it comes to the art of god slaying, the...Final Veredict. In the ultimate showdown between the Monkey King and Goku, it is Goku who would likely emerge victorious. His unmatched combat skills, extensive experience, and ability to tap into higher forms would prove to be decisive factors. Nevertheless, the Monkey King's magical abilities and indomitable willpower would make the battle an ...true, i mean ui goku and ue vegeta got knocked out with 2 punches. but black nig- i mean black lizard frieza is on a g.o.d's lvl. well close to it. i think in terms of strength gohan's stronger but in speed and haxs tui goku might win. idk both of them are busted op and can solo naruto shippuden verse and one piece. but idk once againInstagram:https://instagram. marshall auto auctionis greenfield puppies in pa a puppy millhow much does chuck from street outlaws make per episodeintense monologues Case in point: who would win in a fight, Goku from Dragon Ball or Naruto from Naruto Shippuden? This question has sparked many debates and discussions … free railroad ties'' craigslistlori shark tank wig Dragon Ball's Goku vs Marvel's Thor: Who'd Win in the Comics. For this battle, assume that Goku has mastered the Super Sayian Blue transformation, but not the Ultra Instinct yet (he is still able to use it but only for a short amount of time). Thanos is at the peak of his power but does not use the Infinity Gauntlet, to make it a fair fight. wounded warrior project ceo salary To say that lottery winnings are taxable oversimplifies a relatively complicated issue. Although the Internal Revenue Service says any income you earn or win is subject to taxes, i...STRENGTH: Superman 7/10 Goku is strong, VERY strong and probably has enough striking power to put some serious hurt on the Solar System's mass, but Superman just has much better lifting feats and even shatters the boundaries of SPACE/TIME fighting another Superman. Shits cray yo.